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Max Factor Miracle Pure Skin Skin-Improving Foundation SPF 30 PA+++

Max Factor Miracle Pure Skin Skin-Improving Foundation SPF 30 PA+++

četrtek, oktober 27, 2022

Max Factor’s latest foundation and I’m not sure how different it is from Miracle Second Skin, which promises similar things (and ingredients list have similar actives). I got this mostly because of SPF 30 and I wasn’t too bothered with the rest of the promises, but it boasts with the claim it’s infused with 89% skin-care ingredients including Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid. It’s a low coverage, closer to a tinted moisturiser-like formula.

Texture: Formula is thick, in fact so much that’s I need some force to get it out of the tiny nozzle – mainly because the opening is very small. Despite this richness it’s a formula that is very light on the skin, doesn’t feel oily or sticky. I’d describe it as a sort of a tinted moisturiser, where it feels like a cream and it has some coverage. I’ve had all sorts of problems with this one when I first got it, but primarily with trying to build it up, as the product was just shifting when I tried to layer it. But I then realised it was my skin that was the reason and as soon as I had a nice skin care session, things went on a lot more smooth. That also means it’s not an infallible foundation like Bourjois Healthy Mix or Oriflame Giordani Gold Mastercreation, which pretty much always look great on my skin, no matter its condition. 

Coverage & Finish: Coverage is low, light-medium at best, but even with twice the amount I normally use at other foundations, this doesn’t cover a lot – I don’t mind, but usually people expect more coverage. It has that no-makeup makeup look, it’s fresh, and has a healthy glow. It doesn’t slip into lines and doesn’t make pores look worse, but it also doesn’t fill them/blur them. 

Staying power: it’s a low coverage, light foundation so it doesn’t have the best staying power on its own. I set it with powder and wear it with a primer to prolong how long it lasts.  

Shade: While we have this foundation in every drugstore, I had to order online because we don’t have the lightest shade. 30 Porcelain is similar to Revlon’s Colorstay 110 Ivory, so a very fair cool toned shade, but I had some occasionally problems with it oxidising. 

Packaging: A tube with a clear plastic nozzle. Like I said above the opening is small and the formula is thick, so it needs some more pressure, but it’s precise.

Price and availability: I ordered mine on Notino for 7,59 €. It’s widely available in drugstores for a higher price.

  It’s ok if you like very light coverage (tinted moisturiser level), want something with SPF and your skin isn’t oily, but there are issues with it oxidising, which may not happen to everyone. It’s not my favourite foundation because I want something with a bit more coverage.