June 20, 2024


Clothes that smile

Nikolas Bentel giving tips about the current fashion trends 

Nik Bentel Launches Manila Folder Bag and Wallet | HYPEBEAST

While talking about fashion, how can we miss out on Nikolas Bentel. He is a Designer and an artist. Nik creates performances and products that encourage audiences to reconsider the objects they use daily. Using product design, advertising, and performance art, Bentel, a graduate of the Brown-RISD dual degree program, has been engaged by businesses to create distinctive experiences. Nik has recently completed his Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University; he formerly worked out of the New Inc art + design office at The New Museum.

He is interested in developing new aesthetics, products, and ideas in the fashion, design, and art sectors. Nik thinks that breaking into the fashion sector might be difficult. However, for young, creative university graduates who are enthusiastic about the fashion industry and driven to leave their mark on it, fashion careers can be very alluring. In this fiercely competitive sector, brilliant creatives and innovative strategists must work together to keep ahead of rapidly changing trends and a specific audience. So, if you are digging into the newest fashion trends, Nikolas Bentel is the guy you look up to!

He believes that the most up-to-date looks are ones that feel comfortable to wear but still appear as though you put in just the right amount of effort to complete whatever it is that you do throughout these bizarre, bizarre days and nights. We could all use attire that lets us feel a definite feeling of ease and comfort, whether for daily Zoom meetings and a few necessary errands, the occasional outside supper, weekend park outings, or in-person business.

It doesn’t seem like designers and retailers are increasingly looking to social media, youth culture, nostalgia, street style, and celebrities for inspiration about what’s hip and what’s in right now, even if predicting fashion trends that start on the catwalk will always have an effect. Take comfort in the knowledge that the current fashion trends you may have adopted in 2022 will only become more prevalent in 2023 as we start to wrap up a year. 

First up are the vintage-inspired trend, which inevitably spread to retailers like Zara and Forever 21. This trend looks as cute with lounge-style sweatpants as it does with jeans or a midi skirt. Additionally, it will look good whether buttoned up on its own or with a similar cami underneath, even if you wear it with the flannel pajama trousers you wore tonight.

The primary tractor boot, which saw a massive increase in popularity in the fall of 2022 and will only grow more pervasive next year, inspires every designer and retailer from Balenciaga to Zara. It’s one of the current fashion trends that looks equally at home under a long dress or with a super-short skirt as it does with paired with sloppy sweatpants or leggings. It is characterized by an almost comically rounded toe and a thick, rigid sole. Consider this one of the newest clothing trends that is worthwhile.

Right now, few things can replace your favorite pair of worn-in heather grey sweats, but this year the demand for sweatpants in various colors, including pastels and juicy bolds, was pretty high — one that was defined by couch clothing. You may blame it on the fact that, after we felt safe enough to venture outdoors once more, we continued to be committed to comfort while yet wanting to buy and wear items that seemed a little more fun than what typically colored sweatpants convey.