May 19, 2024


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Put more detail into your hairstyle with these Luvmehair wigs

Choose Your Favorite Hairstyle Wig To Try A New Look


Do you want to style your hair with attention to detail? Doing that with your natural hair may take a long time so going for wigs is a better option. However, some wigs do not provide the features to put all the attention to detail in your hairstyles. 

If you are also struggling with finding the right wig, here is all you need to know.

Top 3 wigs that help you put more detail to your hairstyle

The following are the top 3 wigs you can opt for to put more detail into every hairstyle you try.

V Part Wigs

The V Part wigs follow a similar idea to the U-part wigs, but there is a slight difference in the structure and size. The partition size here is a bit smaller than the U-part wigs, but this difference does not affect the styling experience of these wigs. 

The main idea is to get your natural hair out of the V-shaped partition on the front to get a more natural-looking hairstyle. 

V Part wigs are relatively easier to install

Installation of the V part wigs is easier than most other wigs. It is because these do not need any glue for their application. There is no lace in these wigs which means that you put the wig on your head, line up the v part, and you are good to style your hair the way you want.

Natural human hair increase comfort with better looks

The V Part wigs are made with natural human hair, so these not only provide better comfort, but the looks are also extremely natural. A lace-free wig where your natural hair blends in with the wig at the most crucial part helps get a better appearance and comfort together.

Available with a variety of hair characteristics

While the structure of the wig stays the same, there are lots of varying options:

  • Hair colors
  • Curly or straight hair
  • Length
  • Cut, etc.

Other valuable features worth considering

  • Easy installation within 10 minutes and beginner friendly
  • One wig can be used with different partitions
  • These are protective for your natural hair

Water Wave Wigs

If you want an increased hair volume on your head, you have to try the water wave wigs. These wigs add the perfect amount of waves on your head, but the interesting part is that, unlike the deep wave wigs, all the strands of hair are rolled in opposite directions making these wigs look richer with higher volume on your head.

Managing these is easier with little to no maintenance requirements

Starting with their features, these wigs are easier to manage, unlike many other wigs. There are no specific maintenance requirements, and the need for maintenance further decreases with care when using and storing these wigs. The best part is that you get instant waves on your head as soon as you put on the wig.

There are no limits to trying different hairstyles with the water wave wigs.

You get limitless styling options with the water wave wigs. Try any hairstyle you want, and you will maintain natural looks because of the detailed hairline. The higher volume of these wigs also makes different hairstyles turn out better than expected. For the best experience, try styling these with a headband or leave the hair open.

These wigs come with varying specifications and support customizability

Like other wigs, you get many options to select from when choosing water wave wigs. There are different lengths, colors, cuts, and textures available. The best part is the customization options in these wigs. The water wave wigs come with 180% hair density, so you can easily customize these with different cuts and colors for even better looks.

Other valuable features worth considering

  • The lace of these wigs is extremely transparent
  • You get to enjoy more versatility and comfort
  • Protective for your natural hair

Wet and Wavy Wigs

Lastly, wet and wavy wigs offer the perfect experience for people who want to try variable depths of waves with one wig. It is because the wet and wavy wigs allow you to easily change the depth and volume of waves just by using some water or using hot equipment to put the waves back. 

There will be a minimal effort in doing that, but the final outlook will be gorgeous.

Wet and wavy wigs let you play with the depth of waves

Get yourself a curling rod and a straightening iron. While the waves of wet and wavy wigs come as natural hair characteristics, you can still try different depths of waves. Making the hair wet will also help it get natural, like waves that are not too deep. Overall, you have the option to set waves right according to your hairstyle’s requirements.

Instant styling experience saves you a lot of time

Although waving your natural hair is possible, it takes a lot of effort and time, which is not the best solution in every case. It can also damage your natural hair because a heating iron is involved. On the other hand, you can get effortless and instant waves in your hair just by throwing wet and wavy wigs on your head.

Waves here are a natural characteristic of hair that stay forever

There are no compromises on the durability factor of these wigs. The waves come as a natural characteristic of these wigs’ hair. As these are natural hair, the waves stay forever. So, no matter how many times you increase or decrease the depth of waves in your wig, you can easily get the wig back to its natural form.

Other valuable features worth considering

  • Water wave wigs are good for beginners because of easy maintenance
  • Pre-plucked hairline with bleached knots bring seamless melt into your skin
  • 150% hair density makes these perfect for several hairstyles

These were the top 3 wigs that help you put more detail no matter which hairstyle you want to try.

Final Remarks:

Hairstyle is an important component of your personality, so you must never compromise even on the smallest details when styling your hair. With the wigs we shared here, you can easily fulfill all your requirements with a subtle, natural-looking, and detailed hairstyle.