Here’s What Fashion Editors Are Shopping For Right Now

Before quarantine, I frequently strolled into Zara on my lunch break, spent hours considering which second-handGucci loafers would impress my Instagram followers the most (both style- and discount-wise), and set alarms for ungodly hours of the night to shop sample sales going on in far-off time zones (often to no avail). Now, after weeks at home, I can honestly say that I haven’t really shopped at all, or rather, I haven’t actually bought anything. For me, half the fun of shopping is getting to show it off, so without work events to attend or Saturday afternoon lunch dates to get dressed up for, what’s the point?

After seven weeks, though, I’m starting to feel withdrawal. Shopping withdrawal, that is. 

Of course, given the current financial situation, shopping just to shop isn’t exactly in the cards. If I want to make a purchase, it has to be smart, something that

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