Runway Shows as We Knew Them Are Over, Fashion’s Survival Depends on Responsible Operations

Plus, what the fall of department stores means for luxury brands.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Monday.

Say goodbye to the runway shows you once knew
Fashion shows as we experienced them in February might be gone for good — and what will take their place is still up in the air, though it’s likely to combine digital offerings and smaller gatherings that happen less frequently than the old fashion calendar mandated. “The fashion weeks were a very old machine. That is ending. Not dying — but reborn,” said Alexandre de Betak of Bureau Betak. {Vogue Business}

For fashion to survive, it’s going to have to become more responsible
Corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs will have to move from sideline to central if fashion brands are going to survive in an era where people are being choosier than ever with how they

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