May 29, 2024


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What’s Inside My Beach Bag

This summer, we’ve already logged a lot of time at the beach and in the pool. We currently only keep a Yeti tote bag partially packed in the mudroom. This makes it really convenient to just grab it, throw a few more items in my beach bag, and leave the house.

I believe that you can bring everything and the kitchen sink to the beach or pool when you have children, but I like to believe that we have simplified this process. I’m going to give you a look inside my beach bag today!


Of course, I arrive at the beach and wear sunglasses women or pool with plenty of sunscreen. It comes to mind right away when I consider what goes in my beach bag. I’ve mentioned in a number of posts how much I adore COOLA sun protection items. The entire lineup is described in this blog post. However, the spray sunscreens, 360 water mist face spray, scalp and hair mist, and the new lip oil are my go-to COOLA sun protection products.

The Case

I suppose the actual beach bag itself is the most crucial component of a “what’s in my beach bag” blog article. I’ve used my fair share of cutesy totes and beach bags, but now that I have three children and am in my 30s, we are all about durable products that can hold everything. We adore the Yeti Camino bags to the hilt. It can hold items for the five of us and stands upright on its own, preventing spills from bags that frequently topple over. These tote bags endure abuse and continue to function.

They are water resistant, so we can carry them while we wade to the boat or throw them in the boat. Even when the kids beat them up, they don’t show any signs of wear.

This was my Mother’s Day gift and is one of the new colours for this summer! There are numerous colours offered here. I use these smaller Stoney Clover Lane bags to keep my tote bag organized!


You simply can’t go anywhere with kids unless you have some snacks on hand. We frequently bring a cooler to the pool, but if it’s simply a tote bag day, I fill the girls’ tall stainless steel water bottles with water and put some snacks in our Stasher bags, like pretzels or fruit and vegetables.

These reusable bags are of the highest caliber. And I adore the fresh hues!


Towels I’m currently changing every one of our towels with these incredibly thin/lightweight, sand-free, quick-dry towels. The quality at the beach absolutely blew us away. They fit inside the bags SO MUCH BETTER and take up a LOT LESS space when they’re kept at home.

I’m getting everyone in the family their own color to make life even simpler, which will make it simpler for the girls to assist with packing the beach bag as well.