This is what clothes shopping could look like post-lockdown

Normally, spring is the time of year when fashion fans head to the shops to update their wardrobes with the latest warm weather styles.

However, in recent weeks typical shopping habits have been thrown out the window due to the coronavirus lockdown, which has seen people stuck at home and all shops deemed to be non-essential forced to close.

Drapers reported in-store sales have dropped 84 per cent compared to 2019, and – despite online grocery sales surging – for the rest of the retail landscape things look bleak.

On Sunday, Boris Johnson announced that restrictions as part of England’s lockdown will begin to ease in the coming weeks with updated guidelines on travelling to work, exercise and meeting family and friends.

But what do the new rules mean when it comes to shopping?

The Independent has spoken to a number of retailers including Arcadia – which

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Here’s What Fashion Editors Are Shopping For Right Now

Before quarantine, I frequently strolled into Zara on my lunch break, spent hours considering which second-handGucci loafers would impress my Instagram followers the most (both style- and discount-wise), and set alarms for ungodly hours of the night to shop sample sales going on in far-off time zones (often to no avail). Now, after weeks at home, I can honestly say that I haven’t really shopped at all, or rather, I haven’t actually bought anything. For me, half the fun of shopping is getting to show it off, so without work events to attend or Saturday afternoon lunch dates to get dressed up for, what’s the point?

After seven weeks, though, I’m starting to feel withdrawal. Shopping withdrawal, that is. 

Of course, given the current financial situation, shopping just to shop isn’t exactly in the cards. If I want to make a purchase, it has to be smart, something that

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Runway Shows as We Knew Them Are Over, Fashion’s Survival Depends on Responsible Operations

Plus, what the fall of department stores means for luxury brands.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Monday.

Say goodbye to the runway shows you once knew
Fashion shows as we experienced them in February might be gone for good — and what will take their place is still up in the air, though it’s likely to combine digital offerings and smaller gatherings that happen less frequently than the old fashion calendar mandated. “The fashion weeks were a very old machine. That is ending. Not dying — but reborn,” said Alexandre de Betak of Bureau Betak. {Vogue Business}

For fashion to survive, it’s going to have to become more responsible
Corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs will have to move from sideline to central if fashion brands are going to survive in an era where people are being choosier than ever with how they

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