June 19, 2024


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Commodity Milk Fragrance Review | British Beauty Blogger

Commodity Milk Fragrance Review | British Beauty Blogger

[unpaid/sample] I’ve learned a new word with this fragrance – it’s always helpful to me to look at how other reviewers perceive a fragrance because they’re so eloquent and used to dancing around language that describes smells. When I first smelled Commodity Milk Fragrance, it reminded me straight away of a new puppy. Now, maybe because I want a dog (not really a puppy) all my olfactory senses are pointed one way but it’s a kind of snuggly, sweet, clean and milky aroma that’s so soft all I could think of to describe it is how Honey smelled when we first got her.

Commodity Milk Fragrance Review

I don’t know, maybe it’s just the perfect olfactory translation of innate nurturing that lives quietly in our memory but given that it’s such a gentle scent, it’s certainly powerful in other ways. There are warm nutty notes and I’ve seen it described as marshmallow-ish and I see that, but it’s not the over-riding theme for me. So, my new word, which I’ve taken a long time to come to is ‘lactonic’ to describe a cold milk note. The sweetness is where the warmth comes from but it’s not all chocolate box – there are woody notes in there too as well as a smooth seam of amber. I’m not sure it will be like any fragrance you’ve experienced before. I think I’d use it at my happiest, not my saddest – I think it could take you either way emotionally. At the time of writing, this little bottle (normally £22) is £18 HERE.

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