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Designing Trending Wedding Cakes Designs This Year

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The groom and bride have always been eager on deciding what the cake will taste and look like. Sometimes, it is much more fun compared to deciding where the guests will be seated. People get to be creative, as well as make a wedding confection that is as custom as the rest of the ceremony. This article will take a closer look at some tips on how to design a trending wedding cake, as well as the ultimate wedding cake checklist for the ceremony.

Study the baker’s website

The baker’s website is what first attracted people to their shop — images after images of the most creative and stunning cakes you have ever seen. Get back to the baker’s site, see which designs, details, and themes most appeal to you, and find out how to tweak it for your own pastry.

Visit this site for more details about the history of baking.

Make the design complement the rest of the ceremony

Overall, the cake needs to look like it belongs to the ceremony. Think about the season you are marrying in, the texture of the dress (whether it is lacy or ruffles), the venue (people would do different designs for receptions held in barns compared to ceremonies held in ballrooms), or the theme (whether it is lime-blue-white or art decor).

Take into consideration the architecture

So the client wants their cake that is built with multiple columns between tiers, or do they prefer one that is stacked, where layers sit on top of each other?

Customers need to pick shapes

The round-tiered pastry is a classic. If clients want something less expected, they can go for a hexagonal, square, or asymmetrical one, where square designs are swiveled instead of stacked neatly.

Choose between fondant and buttercream

It is usually determined by the design instead of the bride or groom’s preference. While buttercream is considered a much tastier option, fondant (a firm and smooth sugar icing that can be molded, appliquéd, and stenciled) is more suitable for more elaborate designs. But pastries covered in fondant usually have layers of buttercream underneath. It means it is a win-win solution for both fondant and buttercream lovers.

How fondant icing is made? Click https://www.thespruceeats.com/what-is-fondant-icing-995682 to find out more.

The decoration

Sugar can be formed and molded into various things like jewelry, figurines, fruits, and flowers that match the gemstones or pearls the bride is wearing. Suppose the customer plans to decorate their confection with things like fresh fruits or flowers. In that case, they need to make sure that they discuss alternatives with their baker, who may turn down using the real thing to avoid pesticide contamination.

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Choosing icing colors

Customers can match their pastries to the color of their dress or their bridesmaid’s dresses. They could also choose bold colors like orange and hot pink that echo their centerpieces. Choose colors that make a lot of sense, and that will make a delicious statement.

Decide on fillings and flavors that work together

The pastry is not just what is on the outside – the inside also matters. After all, it is a cake, and it is meant to be savored and eaten. Experienced and reputable bakers will have tons of flavors to offer, starting with classics like chocolate and lemon and venturing into a more complex and creative combination. 

Some people like lemon-thyme pound cakes with layers of vanilla buttercream and lemon curd; others love lime and passion fruit pastry with passion fruit curd covered with Swiss meringue buttercream. And other like Mexican hot-choco pastry made with vanilla-cinnamon cake and dark choco buttercream with a bit of chili powder.

Pay good attention during tasting sessions

Bakers usually have tasting sessions for their customers where they offer various options, fillings, or frostings to try out and come up with their own combinations. Customers need to make sure they take small taste tests or be in sugar shock before they finish the session.

Wedding cake checklist

Brides always love making significant decisions about the cake at their wedding: the flavor, color filling, or shape. There is a lot to think about when creating a guest-loving and gorgeous confection. They will be able to let them eat a pastry after they check the things on this list.

Work out how much you are willing to spend on the pastry

If the confection is included in the catering bill, customers can skip this step. If it is not included, people need to add it to their wedding budget. A lot of bakers charge on a per-individual basis. Customers should expect to pay between $5 and $ 20 per guest. The price will depend on things like the location of the reception or the complexity of the design (whether there will be intricate piping or tons of flowers in the design).

Decide on the style

The look of the confection or wedding cake designs needs to match the overall look of the wedding. If the decoration is contemporary with tons of colors and the event is held in an urban setting, conventional white pastry with fondant pearls, lace, and ruffles will look off. A confection with steel-gray ribbons and ice-blue fondant would be more appropriate.

Get referrals

Book the baker at least three months before the event. If family and friends recently got hitched and loved their confection, ask them who made it. If they have been to a wedding lately and eaten a delicious wedding pastry, that is a good referral too. List down some shops and visit their websites to see if their styles match yours. Call everyone on your list before booking and ask if they are available on the date of the event and can work with the budget without any problem.

Decide on toppers

Use dad and mom’s plastic groom and bride topper, fondant pearls and flowers, or significant things to you and your partner. Another option is to leave the top bare.

Sign the contract

Everything customers and the baker discussed, like the specifics of the confection (frosting, filling, and flavors), delivery location, delivery time, balance and deposit due dates, cost, and the contact numbers and names, need to be included.