June 21, 2024


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3 Tweed classics no man can live without

 Made of a rough, woolen fabric in earthy colors inspired by nature, tweed has sheltered men from the elements for hundreds of years. This sturdy cloth has been the working man’s uniform, later being adopted by the elites thanks to its weather-beating properties. Today, tweed is highly valued as one of the timeless fabrics that never goes out of style. It is clear that tweed is here to stay, so here are the 3 classics that would be in every man’s wardrobe:


Even though they never really went out of style, tweed jackets are 2021’s latest trend. Made of a thick, stiff woolen fabric, tweed jackets were originally created to protect from the freezy weather, such as the winter cold, or the rainy autumn days.  This item of clothing is a must-have in a man’s wardrobe due to its durability and versatility, and is perfect not only for formal events but also for casual wear.  Tweed jackets, especially made of the well-known material like  Harris and Donegal makes a gentleman easily noticeable in the crowd; in addition to this, nowadays  they are often combined with denim, cotton, as well as textured silk fabrics and knits, thus creating an outfit will never be a problem.

Irish flat cap

An Irish flat cap is a classically stylish tweed piece that will never go out of fashion, especially these days, after being popularized by the charismatic characters of the Peaky Blinders series. Less formal than a Fedora, but at the same time more elegant than a beanie, this hat is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. The fact that they are made of tweed makes Irish flat caps not only affordable but also easy to combine with other colors and textures, finishing off every outfit and making it more refined and remarkable. If you are in the search of this chic headpiece, find Irish Flat Caps online. Flat caps will not only keep you warm, but they are also an easy-entry hat that can be pulled off by any man regardless of his age, be it a teenager or a gentleman in his late 70s.


Tweed overcoats are  highly appreciated by fashion designers like Ralph Laurent and Alexander McQueen, and were some of the favorite items of the famous Coco Chanel.  As it has been mentioned before, tweed is not only a modish fabric, but it also keeps the warmth and, the best part, is water-resistant, which makes it a great choice when it comes to outermost garments. Just like the jackets, these overcoats are easy to wear and to combine with other fabrics of different shades due to the fact that tweed consists of lots of individual colors. The main things that you need to consider while buying such an overcoat are the weights of the fabric, the length of the coat, and the lining. Don’t forget the golden rule: the longer the coat, the heavier it needs to be.