July 11, 2024


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5 Quick Steps To Get The Perfect Beard!

Think again if you’re thinking about growing a beard because it’s a little upkeep. Taking care of the beard becomes an essential part of the beard care and maintenance process. While it may take some effort, following a few basic steps in the correct order will make your home the envy of the neighborhood in no time.

Then you start growing a beard, and your carefully choreographed routine goes awry. How can you make the most of your beard without spending too much time worrying about it? Is it first beard oil, then balm? And when exactly do you comb?

DIY Beard Care

Here are 5 easy-to-follow and quick-to-do measures for beard groom and maintenance for an at-home beard care routine. The Health and Glow website can also find all the relevant beard grooming products. It offers the best beard grooming products from the most popular beard brands for your maintenance.

1. Brush Your Beard

Exfoliate and bring any beardruff to the surface with a boar bristle brush. For optimal results, brush slowly against and across the grain. If you have dry skin or beardruff, it will collect on the tips of your bristles. But don’t worry, it’ll be easier to wash away in the shower now.

Next, gently rub the skin beneath your beard in a circular motion with a brush with soft bristles (ideally rubber) that won’t irritate your skin. It increases blood flow and follicular activity. It also feels good.

2. Beard Trimming

Trim the mustache line and shave the neck and upper cheeks to keep your beard clean-looking.

Since wet hair is longer than dry hair, you might find it easier to do this before showering. Wet hair is prone to over-trimming.

Whether using a men’s facial trimmer or scissors, be sure your tools are clean and sharp. Cutting your beard using blunt instruments is just as it sounds: the hair is broken off instead of a smooth cut, leaving you with ragged ends that could split.

3. Beard Washing

You know the importance of personal cleanliness. However, you may not realise that your beard is more prone to filth than the rest of your body and requires special care.

Unlike hair, germs from the door handle, car steering wheels, and computer keyboards get swiftly woven into your facial hair.

Lather up with a gentle, natural shampoo. Make sure the entire beard is covered. Reduce the water temperature to lukewarm or chilly for this stage since hot water dries out your skin and promotes dandruff.

To avoid damaging your beard, pat it dries rather than violently towelling it dry.

If you’re going to blow dry your hair, avoid using hot air because it dries out each strand from the roots, making them brittle and prone to splitting. Dry with a towel or the coolest setting offered.

4. Use Balms and Beard Oils

After showering, massage your preferred beard oil or beard balm into your beard thoroughly.

Oil, unlike thick moisturisers, is light enough to pass through your hair and cover your skin, leaving it nourished and protected. These are crucial components in men’s beard grooming and beard growth treatment.

These creams moisturise your skin while also locking moisture into your hair.

Beard Oil Application

  • You don’t need as much oil as you think. 8-10 drops will suffice for all except the longest beards. It is approximately one pump for pump bottles. It is approximately 3 finger pads for various oil bottles.
  • On the one hand, cover the pads of your index, middle, and ring fingers (just the pad, not the whole end of your finger).
  • Put the oil on both hands and gently massage it into your beard after it’s on your fingertips. Try not to scrape the skin as you massage.

Beard Balm Application

The balm gives your beard a sense of direction and helps shape it.

  • To begin, rub your hands together to warm them up.
  • Spread roughly half-worth fingernails of balm on your hands.
  • Run your fingers through your hair to apply.

5. Style and Brush Your Beard

After applying your oil or balm, use your boar beard brush to evenly distribute the substance around your beard.

To ensure everything is covered, use delicate, lengthy strokes that travel against the grain and side-to-side.

You’re almost finished! The final step is to sculpt your beard to your preferences. Use a little ball of moustache wax to keep your moustache in place at this point.

While brushing or combing your beard is necessary to keep it from becoming a scraggly tangle; there is a tendency to overdo it, especially among the newly bearded. Even the longest beards don’t require more than 3-4 brushings daily. Make sure your comb’s teeth are evenly placed so they don’t strain on your beard and cause split ends.

What is the Difference Between Beard Oil, Wax, and Balm?

These goods differ in terms of nutrients or directional hold.

Beard oil comprises natural carrier oils that preserve and nourish your skin and bristles. Beard balm contains these oils and a directional hold (similar to hair gel) that allows you to style your beard while maintaining its shape.

Waxes get commonly used for moustaches, whether worn alone or with a beard. These are similar to hair wax or gel, keeping your moustache in form all day. Wax usually has a better grip than balms. Find what product works for you while taking care of your beard.