July 11, 2024


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8 High-Protein Dals and Pulses For Weight Loss

8 High-Protein Dals and Pulses For Weight Loss

Eggs and chicken are considered major sources of protein, and protein, as we all know, is a macronutrient that boosts metabolism and weight loss by a great degree. So, for non-vegetarians, there’s chicken, eggs, and meat, whereas vegetarians have tofu and paneer. But there are other equally good sources of protein that can be made a part of  the staple diet, to amp up protein intake, particularly dals. Indians love their dals, for us, dal-chawal is an emotion. The best thing about dals, pulses, and lentils are that they are non-perishable, affordable, high protein sources with a high nutrient profile as well – fiber, iron, calcium, vitamins, iron, antioxidants, essential minerals to name a few. The combination of high fiber and protein controls appetite and accelerates weight loss. A majority of pulses can also be counted as prebiotics that promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. With so much goodness in a simple bowl of dal, it’s prudent to include it as part of the daily diet. Coming back to why we are particularly focussing on the protein content in dal and pulses,  this nutrient has a high thermic effect, which means your body burns a lot of energy, in the form of calories, just breaking protein down into its individual amino acids. Protein’s thermic effect is 30 percent, which means you’ll burn 30 percent of the calories during digestion itself. Do you want to know which  dal packs the  most protein? Here’s a list of 8 high protein dals and pulses that are good for weight loss.

High Protein Dals and Pulses For Weight Loss

1. Chickpeas (Kabuli Chane): Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans in the west, is a rich source of protein, dietary fiber, which are two nutrients that help with weight control. Each cup of chickpeas offers 15 grams of protein and up to 13 grams of fiber. The fiber content in chickpeas helps you to feel full for longer. It also keeps appetite under check. One would not feel hungry for a long time after consuming chickpeas, so there would be limited snacking, and increased chances of losing weight. Also read: “Are Chickpeas Healthy for Weight Loss?”
2. Black Beans (Kale Sem): Experts say that black beans should be considered as a superfood because it just one cup of black beans would meet 50% of your daily fiber, 30% of daily protein, and 20% of daily recommended intake of iron. There’s around 8.9 gm of protein per 100 gm. It also has fiber potassium, magnesium and iron.
3. Kidney Beans (Rajma): Rajma-chawal is considered as comfort food by many, but it’s weight loss friendly too with rajma having 24 gm of protein per 100 gm.
4. Green Gram (Moong Dal): People love it in their khichdi and they love it as sprouts, moong dal has antioxidants and used in traditional medicine to treat many ailments. It’s also a rich source of protein with up to 24 gm per 100 gm. Also read: “17 Best Salad Ingredients for Weight Loss.”
5. Pigeon Pea (Arhar Dal): Toor dal, arhar dal, it’s the most commonly cooked dal in Indian households across north and south. It’s a rich source of protein, fiber, and complex carbs as well. There is approximately 22 gm of protein in 100 gm.
6. Split Chickpea (Chana Dal): That’s where your besan comes from – chana dal! Rich in protein, fiber, 2 tbsp of chana dal will have up to 7 gm of protein.
7. Red lentils (Masoor Dal): Now, this dal is rich in vitamin C as well, no wonder masoor dal is extensively used to make face packs as well! Though it does not have protein content to match other dals and pulses, you can still get 9 gm per 100 gm of uncooked masoor dal.
8. Black Gram Split (Urad Dal): Love idli, dosa? There’s one more reason to love it now – get up to 24 gm of protein and abundant dietary fiber.

Summing up, increasing protein intake can really change your weight loss game, and try to include good sources of protein like dal in the diet. Also, if weight loss is your #1 priority right now, do check the Rati Beauty diet. Download the app for more details.

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