May 17, 2024


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AirPod Earrings Are The Most recent Terrible Fashion Craze

If you have trouble maintaining your AirPods firmly lodged in your ear canal, the net has a new and horrifying way of fixing your challenges. AirPod earrings are the most recent gadgets on the block and they are built to safe your wireless earbuds to your ears when you’re out and about. There are a bunch of funky models but the most frequent edition actually hooks in by an earring hole to grip your AirPods for utmost safety. Just make absolutely sure you never pull on them.

AirPod earrings come with chains, arm grips and many jewels. There are variations with crosses and beads, or less complicated cuffs for the manner-aware. If you you should not have pierced ears, there is even clip-ons to maintain your cherished buds harmless.

And of training course there are also designer options for the challenge. Jewelry designer Suhani Parekh has developed custom gold earrings created to grip AirPod stems as very well as slimmer manner cuffs to suit extra tasteful outfits. They come in white gold or 22K gold gloss and value upwards of $170.

a close up of a woman: Image: Pebble Pods by Mischo Designs

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Impression: Pebble Pods by Mischo Models

It is an odd resolution for a difficulty that just should not exist.

AirPods have been built to make audio truly wi-fi. They are slim, really portable and uncomplicated to use. But with this sort of a minimalist design and style, they occur with a selection of troubles. They’re quite compact, not suited to each individual ear and they are also pretty simply dropped.

A thing as basic as a breeze can knock unfastened AirPods out of ears and onto the streets. If you are a subway worker in New York, you in all probability have a pretty grim selection of these poor boys waiting around in a dingy office environment. At $109 for each individual bud they are really expensive to switch, so AirPod earrings might seem like a good alternative — but the challenge should not exist in the initially spot.

Basic AirPods want to be far better built. The planet shouldn’t want AirPod earrings.

At this stage, the troubles associated with AirPods are prevalent and nicely-regarded. Their minimalist structure and tough plastic shell would make it hard for most men and women to don them. They have very tiny grip and have to have continuous adjustment. Most individuals steer clear of donning them mainly because they’re frightened to lose them.

You should not have to fork out $399 for the AirPods Professional to get a respectable pair of wireless headphones that’ll truly suit in your ears. And you surely should not have to rock a single of the earlier mentioned fashion travesties to keep onto your earbuds.

If you might be on the lookout for a a little additional stylish alternative, there are lots of wi-fi headphones that really don’t require earrings to use them. The Jaybird Vistas occur to thoughts, as do a range of other fantastic earbuds and headsets.

Get a appear in the mirror and remind oneself: you are much better than AirPod earrings. You might be value more than this.