June 15, 2024


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Amazon Is Opening Its First Ever Virtually Advanced, In-Person Fashion Clothing Store, Twitter Reacts

Amazon announced on Thursday that it will be opening Amazon Style, its first-ever in-person store inside a mall, which will be dedicated to fashion and clothing.

The store opening at Americana at Brand, a mall in Glendale, California, is expected to take on a new concept of clothing shopping by allowing customers to personalize their experience virtually. Amazon is calling it an “elevated” shopping experience.

“Amazon Style completely reimagines what’s possible in the fitting room, turning it into a personalized space where customers can continue to shop a seemingly endless closet of great styles. When a shopper enters their fitting room, they will find the items they requested while browsing the store, plus additional options chosen based on their preferences,” said Simona Vasen, managing director of Amazon Style in a release.

The store will sell women’s and men’s clothing, along with shoes and accessories. Only display items will be out for shoppers to see, with all other merchandise in a back room that can be brought out by request.

When shopping at Amazon Style, customers will be able to choose their clothing through the Amazon shopping app and send it directly to a fitting room or check-out counter. All items will also have a scannable QR code that will bring up available sizes, colors and customer ratings.

“Amazon Style combines Amazon’s love of fashion with innovative technology and world-class operations to help customers find looks they’ll love,” Vasen added.

The Amazon Style store will be similar in size to Kohls, at about 30,000 square feet, but will be considerably smaller than the size of other larger department stores.

Amazon has recently been attempting to make more of a mark in the fashion and clothing industry. There now is a variety of clothing options on its app, along with an online shop called Luxury stores that was launched in September of 2020.

Some took to Twitter to touch on the news.