April 23, 2024


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Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum Cream

Garnier Light Complete Vitamin C Serum Cream Review

The 1st matter I want to distinct up is that I unquestionably do not endorse fairness lotions. I purchased the Garnier Light Full Vitamin C Serum Cream because ordinarily Vitamin C is largely utilized to “brighten up” a boring complexion. Just since it is one particular of the crucial homes of Vitamin C I really don’t assume any solution that incorporates it should market by itself as a fairness product as it will be very little far more than an out-of-date advertising gimmick.

Now let us arrive back to the solution and see how it carried out. Effectively, I’ll be sincere the Garnier solution that I needed to initially try was its TikTok viral Vitamin C Serum but then I saw the time period Serum Product on this tube so I bought it. I have witnessed various movies of the 30x serum but I have not witnessed several reviews about the Garnier Gentle Entire Vitamin C Serum Product. So, I made the decision to evaluate it.

Like me, you also could be wondering what just is serum cream. Very well, now that I have tried I can convey to you that it’s an incredibly runny cream. It is thicker than a serum but way as well runny to be identified as a product. To be genuine, it worked for me I was not too bothered by its texture. If you want to invest in it as serum then it will function for you but if you are a lot more into thick textured lotions then it will be a tough no for you.

Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum Cream
Credit score: StyleRants

Total Overall performance of the Garnier Mild Entire Vitamin C Serum Product

How to use it?: After cleansing your experience, utilize the serum cream, and then to lock its content material layer it with a moisturizer. You have to be cautious while applying it mainly because the consistency is also thin. It doesn’t get a lot time to take up so which is a fantastic factor.

Fragrance: It does have a rather strong smell. It has the fragrance of fresh new lemons. Individually, I did not discover it unpleasant but I do prefer goods devoid of any large scent.

Packaging: Garnier Serum Product is out there in multiple measurements. The even bigger size arrives in a tub though the lesser measurement comes in a tube. Essentially I choose the tube packaging a lot more. I only have to tilt it diligently on my palm to get the item while for a tub you’d have to dip your fingers which is just simply just off-putting. I would suggest shopping for the tube packaging given that it will be effortless to carry all-around.

Texture: As I have presently pointed out various times, the texture is runny. This is why it also operates rapidly in brightening up the facial area as before long as you utilize it.

Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum Cream
Credit score: StyleRants

Garnier Light-weight Comprehensive Vitamin C Serum Product Critique

Allow me just debunk its declare of becoming a fairness cream. It is definitely not a fairness product but a brightening product. I have normal pores and skin which tends to get dry in the wintertime period. In the cold weather, not only my skin receives dry but it also receives a bit discolored. When I used the serum cream the to start with time, I observed my skin felt moisturized but extra than that it looked shiny. The dullness which is usually the result of dehydration or cold temperature was not there anymore.

Now, I have been utilizing this item for far more than 3 weeks and I can say it does supply very good final results. On the other hand, all those conclude results really do not very last much too extended. To get that promptly brightened up, you’d have to apply the serum product each working day. The day you won’t utilize it you will not see the development from former days. Also, another wonderful point is it does not go away any ashy white residue even when it’s not a transparent serum.

If you don’t like the glossy appear that most serums supply then you will appreciate the Garnier Serum Product as it has a matte finish. It is fully oil and glow-absolutely free. Quite a few individuals use moisturizer after it but I never think it is a should. The immediate glow it supplies is actually remarkable and it will not require you to do significantly soon after that. Whilst this serum cream can be good for person people it will not be appropriate for individuals who have active acne breakouts as it is not non-comedogenic.

Another essential matter there is UVA/UVB created on the packaging. It most in all probability indicates to giving protection from hazardous solar rays like sunscreen. My assistance would be to not use it in position of your sunscreen. This is just good as an prompt brightening serum very little extra.


  • Incredibly cheap
  • Very easily offered
  • Promptly Brightens up confront
  • Gives excellent end
  • Very best drugstore brightening serum cream


  • The fairness product claim
  • No lengthy-term effects
  • Not acceptable for all skin types
  • Messy Tub packaging

Closing Verdict!

recognize that Garnier Mild Finish Vitamin C Serum Cream is attempting a unique components. It may possibly not perform for everybody but it did for me. I preferred it as an instant brightener, specially in the price range. Most instantaneous brightening lotions never operate and people who do can be rather highly-priced. This serum product is actually finances-welcoming and newcomers to the skincare earth must undoubtedly try out it.