July 11, 2024


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Holiday drinking, DTC, and Customer Behaviour

Holiday drinking, DTC, and Customer Behaviour

Campaign corner

True self. Pineapple juice might not be the most common choice for most people. This commercial from Dole focuses on showing your true personality and glow. What do a former manager and serial dater have in common? Watch the commercial and find out. Also, take Dole’s advice and let your glow show!

Holiday celebration. Yes, it’s that time of year: Holiday commercials are here! Ritz’s commercial shows us that no matter how you choose to celebrate (and what you believe in), holidays are about bringing everyone together and enjoying good food and snacks. Watch the heartwarming commercial to get into the holiday spirit.

Retail technology time

Automation. While Kroger’s plan to acquire Albertsons means bringing single control over the nation’s two largest chains of brick-and-mortar supermarkets. While this plan is drawing scrutiny, this proposed merger is focusing attention on the retailers’ approaches to using automation to provide consumers with ready access to groceries.

Instacart updates. Instacart just announced a new set of in-app features dedicated to workers. The four new tools are an updated returns experience, a new reimbursement process, the ability to move an item between orders, and shopping filters to sort items by each customer. 

Final-Mile Delivery Trucks. Fleet Enable, the logistics tech company, has introduced an artificial intelligence tool that helps load final-mile delivery trucks to eliminate shipment failures. The software, called Capacity Optimization, replaces manual calculations that determine if deliveries fit on trucks and meet weight limits.

Expert opinion

Retail customer behavior. What are the benefits and drawbacks of leaning on purchasing data to get more of a real-time view of customers? This is one of the questions experts answered in this Retail Wire discussion. Here’s what James Tenser stated: 

Holiday shopping in-store. Are consumers coming back to the store for holiday shopping this year? Here’s what Ken Morris shared in one of Retail Wire’s discussion

Beyond online shopping and Holiday Drinking

Direct-to-consumer. DTC is an essential way in which brands can engage with consumers. While retailers are the top priority, DTC is growing and it seems that it’s moving beyond online shopping. CPGs are using DTC to help track the consumer journey and to gain a more definable 360-degree view of customer acquisition, sales, and retention. 

Holiday drinking. We are not saying that seeing some of your relatives might cause you to slightly increase your alcohol consumption during the holiday season, but the numbers show that people do drink more during special occasions. However, this year, the holidays are going to be only lightly buzzed as it seems that shoppers are choosing Low-ABV drinks and RTD cocktails as their favorite.