July 11, 2024


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How To Find The Right Dispensary Location

How To Find The Right Dispensary Location

Familiarize Yourself With Local Recreational Marijuana Laws

When it comes to marijuana licensing in towns and municipalities, each state is different. Namely, some states give local jurisdictions the option of completely opting out and other states don’t. Nevada, for instance, allows recreational cannabis businesses in 4 out of 17 counties.  Michigan is another state where the majority of their towns forbid marijuana-related businesses. New Mexico, on the other hand, does not give their municipalities the choice of opting out. 

Every legal state has its own book of laws governing where you can open a dispensary, too. These laws generally forbid the store from being within 1000 or so feet of a school, city park, museum, library, etc. However, most of the time, local jurisdictions have the last say about these details, having the option to expand or reduce these limitations.

In addition, local governments frequently add clauses limiting the amount of total retail cannabis businesses that are allowed within city or county lines. Take the example of North Brunswick, NJ. The township only allows 2 active businesses per “license class.” Other license classes include cultivators, manufacturers, deliverers and more. For dispensaries, this means that as long as the laws remain the same, there can only be 2 active cannabis retail locations within the township. Be sure to scrutinize, compare, and weigh all of these strict local laws when determining the best real estate location for your dispensary.