June 25, 2024


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Lo Bros tackles ocean waste with impact-led drinks range

Drinks company Lo Bros has launched a new impact-led range, Not Soda, with a mission to clean up our oceans. Independent retailers Ritchies and Drakes are the first to get behind the effort, with a joint goal to clean up two million plastic bottles from our oceans by 2025.

From this week, Lo Bros’ Not Soda will feature heavily in up to 130 of the two retailers’ stores across the country, spearheading a new wave of planet-consciousness that consumers can get behind. For every can of Lo Bros Not Soda sold, Lo Bros will fund the removal of the equivalent weight of two plastic soft drink bottles from marine environments through their partnership with Seven Clean Seas.

Australian entrepreneur and Lo Bros founder Didi Lo is on a mission to disrupt the drinks industry with this bold initiative.

“We are very proud to announce the launch of Lo Bros Not Soda. Lo Bros Not Soda is not soda like you know it. It tastes like the best sodas you’ve tasted, while being Zero Sugar. But most importantly of all, every can of Not Soda directly addresses the environmental crises being created by the soda industry,” says Mr Lo.

“Every year, up to 34 billion plastic bottles enter the ocean.[1] In Australia, 75% of all beverage aluminium (ie. cans) are collected for recycling. Unlike plastic which can only be recycled one to three times before degrading and sent to landfill, aluminium is infinitely recyclable,” according to the brand.

Drakes General Manager Merchandise and Marketing Michael Connolly says, “As leaders in the retail industry, we have a responsibility to be a part of the change for good, and this is a soda our consumers can feel good about. It’s not only zero sugar, but it contributes to saving our seas at a time when climate change is a global emergency.”

Ritchies CEO Fred Harrison says, “Connection to our community has always been front and centre for us. We know this mission is something our customers will be excited to get behind, as are we.”

“‘The Power And The Passion Report’ revealed that the hot button topics of most concern to Australian consumers are our oceans, climate change, and plastic waste. And, the onus is on businesses to tackle these issues. In the lead up to the season of excess, Australians can take meaningful action by purchasing products that make them feel good,” according to Lo Bros.

Seven Clean Seas co-founder Tom Peacock-Nazil says, “Partnering with Lo Bros Not Soda will generate tons of positive environmental and social impact whilst giving the existing soda market the disruptive shove it needs in the right direction. Not only is the product designed for recyclability and true circularity given today’s infrastructure, but some of its profit is allocated to cleaning plastic pollution from our oceans.”

Lo Bros Not Soda is a refreshing, fizzy soda and is said to contain no sugar and is naturally sweetened. It is available in four crowd favourite flavours: Raspberry, Lemon, Orange, and Pink Grapefruit. Available at Ritchies, Drakes and independent supermarkets across Australia.

For more information, visit lobros.co/pages/notsoda.

[1] https://oceana.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/18/3.2.2020_just_one_word-refillables.pdf.