April 10, 2024


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Make a Statement With a 3-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas

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Are you thinking of a classic engagement ring style? Choose the jewelry made with meaning!  Celebrate the past, present, and future with a 3-stone diamond engagement ring in Dallas.  It is one of the most classic engagement ring styles that is rising in popularity because of its use in royal weddings.

How will you make a statement with a 3-stone diamond engagement ring?  Here are important things you should know about this much-loved classic piece of diamond jewelry:

Where Did It All Begin?

This classic diamond engagement ring favorite was transformed into a true icon in 2001 when De Beers launched the Trilogy campaign.  It has become more popular and a source of inspiration to couples after the royal engagement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Three-stone diamond rings have been known as trinity rings or trilogy rings because of the three diamonds set horizontally in a row.

Typically, the three stones tell a story of romance, commitment, and the passing of time as such:

  • First diamond representing the couple’s past: when and how they met including their shared memories
  • Center diamond symbolizes the couple’s present being together
  • The third diamond reminds a couple of their future and the milestones still to come

More About 3-Stone Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas

Now you know that 3-stone diamond engagement rings are a classic choice, likewise the meaning behind it.  Here are some more details about it to help you make a wise decision if it’s the perfect ring for your bride:

  • 3-stone diamond engagement rings contain one large center stone (usually a diamond) with smaller side diamonds or colored gemstones.
  • The side diamonds or gemstones can often complement the center diamond.
  • Significantly more expensive than a solitaire diamond, especially if the setting features large sized diamonds.
  • Also available in all precious metals as settings.  
  • Many settings for three-stone diamond engagement rings feature pave or halo diamonds.
  • It may require more maintenance and care because it contains more diamond pieces.
  • It can be created with your choice of gemstone like your birthstone to add a more personal touch.

What to Consider When Choosing a 3-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

  1.  Stone Type

As mentioned earlier, you can choose other gemstones to be set together with your diamond.  For example, you can choose side stones that could be any stones you like that hold meaning for you.  

One stone can be the birthstone of the bride and the other side stone can be the birthstone of the groom.  You can also choose the birthstone of the month you first met and the month you are getting married.

  1.  Stone Shape

The traditional option will be to choose the same shape for all three diamonds.  Popular shapes include round, square, and emerald that sit well when placed together.  You have plenty of options when it comes to shape.  Choose the shape of a diamond that will fit the bride’s style.

  1.  Stone Size

The traditional stone size for a 3-stone diamond engagement ring is to have a larger central diamond whose carat weight is equal to the total carat weight of the two diamonds on both sides.

The more contemporary choice will have three diamonds of identical size and carat weight.  The pieces are either set in a line or a less formal cluster arrangement.

  1.  Setting

The two main settings you can choose from for your 3-stone diamond engagement ring are prong or bezel settings.  Whichever you choose, make sure that the three diamonds are mounted in the same type of setting.  This will emphasize their connection.

  1. Metal Type

The type of metal you choose will significantly impact the look of your ring.  The choice is a matter of personal preference.  Popular metal types for 3-stone diamond engagement rings include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, two-tone style, and platinum.

Choose a Style That Makes a Statement

Bring your story to life with a three-stone diamond engagement ring in Dallas.  You can customize the style of your ring to make a statement of what you as a couple believe in.  

Choose your own meaning for your ring as well—past, present, future; friendship, love, fidelity; you, me, us; heart, soul, time; today, tomorrow, always; for life, for love, forever.  

However you and your partner decide on, a uniquely stunning three-stone diamond engagement ring can tell a story of your celebration of love.