July 11, 2024


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Styling your kitchen the Norwegian way: A complete guide

Scandi kitchen ideas - 30 ways to work the cool Nordic aesthetic | Ideal  Home

Scandinavian kitchens are designed in the most beautiful and attractive ways. The themes followed are appealing to the eyes, and the ideas used are a sight to behold. The flawless look associated with Norwegian kitchens has set high standards in kitchen layouts and styles. 

People around the world love the aesthetics of these kitchens and attempt to make similar additions to their own spaces. It is not surprising that many people have visited and witnessed the intricate interiors of Norway’s kitchens and searched for ways to match them upon returning to their homes. Also, check out this site for buying a house in Norway

Following are the general points that outline how Scandinavian kitchens are built:

  • Practicality

Kitchens in Scandinavia are constructed to ensure practical use. The counters are placed close together, and a small area is chosen as a kitchen. Refrigerators and ovens are kept inside and close to the stove to avoid walking out when fetching food items. The pantry and cupboards are also installed to maximize practicality.

  • Furniture

The main furniture which is found in their kitchens is tables. Norwegian tables are placed within the kitchen area, and the families dine together. Eating together at a table is an essential aspect of their family system. All family members value this quality spent at mealtimes during the day. The wood used in this regard is of light tones to match the ambiance of the surroundings. ReviewsBird writes about the type of table wood preferred by Norwegian designers. 

  • Wise use of space

The kitchen area is made while keeping in mind that the one using it doesn’t have to move around a lot. Large spaces are not preferred, and space is strategically designed. The architectural layout is expressly set to ensure that the available space is utilized wisely.

  • Soft color scheme

The primary feature of Norwegian kitchens which sets them apart is the scheme of colors used. Neutral and soft tones dominate the flooring and cupboard sheets. People use light-colored wood, giving the whole kitchen a subtle and calming look. The absence of dark tones creates an uplifting environment and reflects the Nordic climate. 

  • Pay tribute to nature

Keeping plants is a traditional addition to kitchens. Most people decorate the walls with wallpaper that depicts natural landscapes, forests, or mountainous scenery. This essential characteristic of Nordic kitchens is indispensable. 

  • Soft furnishings and mats

All kitchenware is chosen according to the light theme of the walls, and the countertops are decorated with mats of the same scheme. 


Norwegian-style kitchens are unique in their appearance and characteristic color choices. If you want to design your space like the gorgeous kitchens described above, then follow the given points for an actual similarity to their style. As all architecture and interior portray the values of a country’s culture, Norway’s domestic accessories represent their culture too.