June 22, 2024


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Top 7 Jeans Suppliers of UK

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Hopefully, in this article, you learn a lot about the leading jeans suppliers brands among the UK clothing manufacturers. Our data is based on research, including information gathered.  Moreover, working with fashion clothing manufacturers to create the best quality denim jeans. Denim still is one of the core elements which make up a lot of fashion clothing we wear in our day-to-day life.

Best UK Clothing Manufacturers

In this modern world, jeans have become a crucial element of everyone’s fashion clothing. Jeans have also evolved from rough trousers to fashion trendsetters. When it comes to manufacturing jeans, you should have to rely on your factory having experienced fashion manufacturers or international clothing manufacturers. The denim industry is booking worldwide, and in the future, it will remain the same in progress.

Awesome Jean’s suppliers

Jeans have occupied their space in everyone’s wardrobe and can be seen in everyone’s fashion clothing regardless of men or women as they are relatively less expensive than any other fashion clothes to produce. Hence, the fashion clothing manufacturers always focus on high-quality production and effectively growing their business. According to a report, the denim market will produce over $129 billion by the year 2021. Here are some of the leading suppliers in jeans all across the UK.

Leading Jeans Suppliers of UK

Pepe Jeans

  • Pepe jeans are originally from the UK and launched its brand in 1973. 
  • The CEO of Pepe jeans is ‘Carlos Ortega’.
  •  Pepe jeans are also having an estimated revenue of $267.02 million. 
  • Pepe jeans are considered the best denim brand in London and have also captured its market in over eighty (80) countries worldwide.
  •  In early 1983 Pepe fashion expanded its business internationally to Ireland and two years later to Continental Europe and the USA and became one of the top International clothing manufacturers.

Fallow Denim

  • Fallow Denim is British made denim jeans. Fallow use the best selvedge denim clothes created on a traditional basis and produced in a narrow loom.
  • They use hand power and comes with a hidden deer patchwork
  • The hides have been tanned over in Scotland.
  • Fallow’s key specification is their embroidery labels near stone henge with their brand name displayed alongside made in Britain.
  • Follow’s every have a unique shape, cut and stitched embroidery on it, but it’s not that much cheap for the general public.

Rosecarth International

  • It aims to serve international clients in countries like the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia. 
  • They have established a benchmark for Environmentally friendly practices, social welfare initiatives, and economic growth. 
  • They are consistently dedicated to working on bringing circular principles to guide their approach.
  • The biggest asset that makes the brand stand outside of the common herd is providing a full design, manufacture, and delivery package.

Empire Jeans

  • Established in 2014 and its founder has experience of over 37 years in fashion clothing manufacturer of men’s and ladies’ style types of denim.
  • It’s a men-dominated brand.
  • Having its origin from the UK.
  • Having a range of quality British-made jeans with attractive styling.
  • Empire jeans provide cut from the finest denim products and use modern and old techniques for the manufacturing of branded types of denim.


  • They make high-quality British types of denim made in the North of England.
  • Hatboro is a perfect option for hard wearing as they are well known in that particular field.
  • They generally focus on British-made clothing and provides the jeans with a finishing touch.
  • They are designed to be worn with a turn up for better visibility of selvedge.
  • Hebtroco types of denim come to unwashed. The advice to wash them after every 3-6 months for better dye results.

Teddy Edward

  •  Teddy Edward is popularly known as the home of exclusive, British-made clothing with a contemporary twist. 
  •  Teddy Edward has very soon become synonymous with British-made excellence and perfection. 
  • Teddy Edward is an inspiration for the new generation of customers who yearns to own British country chic with a touch of classic city flair.
  • Teddy Edward oozes the charm of a decades-old brand whilst standing out from the crowd with a fresh, contemporary edge.


  • Meccanica offers British-made menswear up to 4XL size.
  • Inspired by motorsports and cycling starts creating Polos Shirts, T-Shirts, and Merino Wool Jerseys.
  • Their label declares a uniqueness in fashion to support British-made.

These were some of the best UK Clothing Manufacturers known for their awesome designs and quality materials. These Jeans Suppliers won’t let you down with their services, so check them out today.