February 7, 2023


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Try out these tips for a safe shopping experience

20 internet safety tips and checklist to help families stay safer online |  Norton

Online shopping is not a strange occurrence to everyone now, whether they use it or not there are a lot of benefits that come with it; the convenience, the possible cheaper rates, the less time-consuming and the likes. As such, it has made shopping a more fun activity for people, especially those who considered shopping as a stressful task before.

However, there is always the bad egg present in the bunch of good eggs. This is the same with online shopping. There are the guys that tend to create a sour experience for the numerous good sellers and platforms out there. This could be a cause to many people deciding to do away with online shopping.

This should however not stop you from going ahead to do your shopping online. All that is required of you is to ensure that you do your assignment in finding out every detail needed before going ahead. Knowledge of this would then give you the confidence required to go ahead with your online shopping.

You can do some of these things to avoid falling prey to these frauds;

Use only familiar websites

Providing personal details on websites is one of the most common ways through which data is breached with online shopping. Some websites have been compromised and as such, any of the details you put up there is liable to leak. One way to avoid this complaint is by not shopping on just any site. Use only sites that have been tested and trusted. You should consider sites that go the extra step to secure your data over those that do not.

Create strong passwords

Having a strong password would help to keep your account more secure. The secret to having an uncrackable password is using different characters such as numbers and symbols. It makes it harder for such passwords to be compromised. Another thing that can be done is to change your password regularly.

Be updated with your bank statements

You do not need to wait for your monthly statement account always. It’s best to keep to date with your bank statement so you are easily alerted in case there is any sudden case of irregularity that comes up with it.

Consider buying with your credit cards

Credit cards are generally safer for use than debit cards on strange platforms, even on those that seem like the best online shopping websites. The reason for this is that even if your details do get compromised at any point, your money balance would be saved from these external factors. It’s not the best option but it’s at least a better one.

Don’t use public Wi-Fi

One big mistake to make when shopping online is entering your details on a site while using public Wi-Fi. This is even more true in the case of your bank or card details. Public Wi-Fi is known to be very unsafe because there are a lot of leaks and hacks that could come from it.

Hence it is advised to avoid performing secure transactions on it.