June 13, 2024


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Can a Plus Size Wear a Fanny Pack?

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Once fanny packs had a significant style reboot in the late 2010s, a debate started on whether plus-sized people could comfortably wear them. This debate has been blown wildly out of proportion because, yes. Plus-sized people can proudly wear fanny packs. This chic, retro accessory is here to stay for all plus-sized people, and there are many reasons for a plus-sized person to wear a fanny pack, at least until the trend dies down again. Many brands and companies have jumped on board the fanny pack train. However, some retailers are untrustworthy as they value profit over quality and may scam customers. Thus, you should look up retailers’ reviews on an online reviewing platform. For example, you could look up rungolee reviews to determine their legitimacy. In addition, online reviews are a great place to find out whether a retailer’s plus-size fanny pack is worth the buy or not.

A Short History of the Re-emergence of Fanny Packs

Fanny pack, waist bag, bum bag – whatever you call them, you must have been surprised when you saw them return. Since 2018 fanny packs have been making up a large percentage of the accessory market share, which has encouraged more and more brands to jump on the fanny pack bandwagon. This led to various variations in the fanny pack form factor, such as cross-body and shoulder bags. In addition, many of these companies and brands have included plus-sized bodies by creating specific types of fanny packs. However, these tend to sell out quickly and thus do not always meet the demand.

How Brands Have Catered to Plus-Sized Bodies

Modern plus-sized-specific fanny packs come with extenders to increase the strap size that fits around your waist. The extra belt usually clips onto the existing strap, which makes it essential for the original and additional straps to match in terms of color and material. Of course, you are free to use any extender style, but you risk wearing something mismatched. Unfortunately, according to Maddy Gutierrez, who runs a fashion blog that caters to people with plus-sized bodies, a common theme with plus-sized fashion is creating an item that is often ‘loud’ or obnoxious in its design. Finding a classic and timeless piece can be difficult, but it is not impossible, as a few brands stock elegant-looking fanny packs. In addition to extenders, some companies have found other ways to include plus-sized customers. For example, you can buy a fanny pack with an elastic waistband instead of a conventional strap. These elastic fanny packs can be used interchangeably between people with different body types. However, constant stretching may wear out the flexible faster than usual. Some companies have also been selling fanny packs with highly adjustable straps instead of simple extenders. Similar to the elastic fanny packs, these can easily be switched between people with different body types.