October 4, 2023


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Ultimate Tips to Select A Body Shaper From The New Collection

The modeling belt has several benefits, which can certainly be your great ally for you who are overweight, as it undoubtedly helps to leave a more correct posture, a slimmer silhouette, in addition to reducing the the aesthetics of the belly, culottes and other places where you should generally feel bad and there is a concentration of fat.

The belt is also widely used during post-surgical recovery in interventions performed in the abdominal region, such as cesarean section and abdominoplasty, for example. Correct use in the first two months after an operation can optimize recovery and results.

The plus size waist trainer, for example, is a very suitable model for those who want to start using the accessory, and can be accompanied by physical exercises.

Benefits of the shaping belt

  • Assists patients in post-operative cases;
  • It thins the waist and shapes the body, leaving it more proportionate;
  • Corrects posture, fighting back pain;
  • Improves self-esteem, as it reduces measures during its use.
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But you must ask, how to use the shaping belt?

The first step is always to follow the instructions of the doctor (in the case of post-op) and the manufacturer, especially regarding the maximum time of use (which usually does not exceed 8 hours).

The modeling belt, when of good quality, is a very easy to use accessory. Just place it around your abdomen and make sure you are applying moderate pressure (never too tight, so as not to impair blood circulation). Check step by step:

  • Place the strap in a standing position, in an upright position;
  • Wrap the belt around your abdomen. Use the hooks or Velcro present on the garment to adjust it comfortably, but ensuring that it is exerting light compression;
  • The belt should not be too loose or too tight (to the point of making breathing difficult). Put it on and make sure you can breathe normally;
  • The accessory must remain in direct contact with the skin, that is, it must not be used over other materials or clothing;
  • Respect the maximum permanence time with the belt, indicated by the manufacturer, and you must be wondering: where to buy the best body shaper?

Sculptshe’s shaping belts exert enough pressure to shape the body, correct posture and support safely and comfortably.

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Main precautions when purchasing the modeling belt

The fabric must be breathable

  • The fabric of the strap must be breathable, preventing sweat from accumulating between the skin and the accessory during use.

The product must be discreet when worn under clothing.

  • Nobody wants to look like they are wearing a shaping belt under their clothes, so it is essential to purchase a quality product that is discreet enough to go unnoticed.

The strap must be comfortable

  • The strap needs to be made from a material and design that is comfortable to the body. It should promote compression, but without limiting natural movements or breathing. For this, you need to make sure you purchase a quality and reliable product.
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Learn how to have the Sculptshe shaping belt to slim your waist

Sculptshe’s modeling belt is made from material made exclusively by the brand, which guarantees comfort and unique design, as well as more safety and satisfaction for customers.

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