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What to gift on Diwali? – Ornate Jewels

What to gift on Diwali? – Ornate Jewels

Festive season is approaching us and it brings a lot of joy and festivity in the air. Women start planning for this season and festival celebrations. We are all saving and looking for wonderful Diwali jewelry gift ideas as one of the most important customs during this season is of gifting your friends and families.

Since this is one of the most important festival in the Hindu households its imperative to look for special diwali jewelry gift for women or girls as jewels are the most favored buy during this season. Everyone is making efforts to find the best diwali jewelry gift ideas that are useful and easy on pocket.Pure Silver necklaceWith so many options to choose from, Ornate Jewels will be your one stop destination as there are many  diwali special jewellery offer so you can buy the best silver jewellery diwali gift.   We have so many designs and wide variety to choose from, that you might not want to stop shopping and we have a gift for everyone on your list. Us. We are the best in quality, design and we offer so many special discounts and benefits for our regular customers that you cannot afford to miss!

Reasons Women love our Silver Jewellery Diwali Gifts

All our Jewels are made in pure 925 silver and are anti tarnish, meaning our silver doesn’t turn black.

Value for Money.

Lightweight designs that your recipient can wear daily and enjoy the gift all year long.

Allergy Free silver that’s even safe for babies to wear.

Free gift box.

Handwritten Notes for your loved ones.

Here are 5 top recommendations for diwali jewelry gifts ideas  that will be hit with your loved ones


A trending design ring option will be one of the best designs to gift to your siblings to make them feel special this Diwali. Crafted with pure 925 sterling silver this ring is symbolic and is one of the bestsellers.

Butterfly ring for Women




All women love to sparkle festive season. This dancing stone heart silver earring will be will be the best silver jewelry diwali gift . Dancing stones are a unique concept where the jewelry meets technology, It moves and dances every time the wearer moves. Also the thing to keep on mind is that earrings don’t require you to know the size as is the case with rings. Hence making it the gift that fits one size all.

Dancing Stone Earrings



One of the most elegant and cutest gift you can give your loved one is this pure silver believe in love heart bracelet. It can be styled with daily wear attires or can be worn on special occasions to make you look classy and stylish.  Our jewellery is lightweight, dainty and can be worn daily. Hence its value for money gift.

Heart Design bracelet For women



A range of beautiful pieces made in pure 925 sterling silver for your loved ones. This jewelry speaks for itself as it is delicate, perfect to gift someone who wants to grow and prosper. Butterfly jewelry is said to be a good luck gift for many. At Ornate Jewels, you will find the best collection pieces for Diwali.

Butterfly Collection Jewellery for Women


AAA grade American diamond that looks like just diamonds are one of the top options to choose in silver special diwali gift  options. These necklaces can be worn on occasions or can be a daily wear jewelry piece. These pieces are stamped with purity and have very good quality.

Apart from all these options, wide variety of silver mangalsutra or silver bangles can be chosen. Silver American diamond studs or pearls are one of the best options to choose from for your wife or friends. We promise you, your gifts will the best ones always. Dont forget to visit us